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چکیده ها به زبان انگلیسی

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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Journal Humanities Crucible Criticism، The Impact Koran Hadith Persian، Faculty Law Political Sciences، Impact Koran Hadith Persian Literature، Iran، Ibn Aghil، Human، The Koran Persian Literature، Book Review Criticism، Journal Humanities

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In the present paper, the attempt is to study the definition of the issues discussed in Dr. Hanafi''''s article according to their Islamic sources whilst investigating the facts and fantasies of the Islamic civilization, human sciences, culture as well as the transitions of the said issues from one generation to the next. Abbasali amid Zanjani & AbulghasemGorji)··· 33ــ A Critical Glance at Dr. Hassan Hanafi''''s Article, (His eminenceSayyed Rahim Hosseini)··· 69 Book Review: ــThe Impact of the Koran and Hadith on Persian Literature,(Ahmad Razi)··· 97ــ How did `We'''' Become `We''''; The Roots of Iran''''s Being Backward,(Dr. Ghorbanali Ghorbanzadehsavar & Abbas Khalaji)··· 135ــ The Basis of Governmental Management, (Dr. Behzad Maleki)··· 149ــ A Critisim on the Practical Aspect of Sharh-i Ibn Aghil,(Mohammed Salih Sharif Asgari)··· 165ــ Journal of Humanities in the Crucible of Critisim, (Dr. GhorbanaliGorbanzadesavar & Abbas Khalaji)··· 177 Introducing books:ــ The Language and Problems of Knowledge Introducing Research Centers in Iran··· 209 Scientific Report··· 211 Abstracts (in Engilish) ··· 1-6"

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