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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Shahid Beheshti University، Assistant Shahid Beheshti University، Iran، Study Civil Nature Blood Money، Comparative Study Possibility Enforcement Punitive، Abstracts، Iranian، Removing Decriminalization Point View Constitution، New Approach England Law، Assistant Azad University

خلاصه ماشینی: "Explaining the proofs and evidence of each party and mentioning the similarity and difference between blood compensation and monetary punishment, the article investigates the subject, criticizes the views and chooses the right one. Key words: The age of criminal liability, Criminal growth, Evidence of lack of growth, Immature prevention, Reformative and training measures, Criminal and non-criminal court orders. Key words: Punitive condition, Judicial adjustment, Punitive condition and condition evaluating the amount of damages, Absolute fulfillment of punitive condition, Article 230 of civil law of Iran, The principle of freedom in contracts. The ratified protocol Abstracts A Comparative Study of the Possibility of Enforcement of Punitive Conditions in Contracts * Dr. Mir Hosein Abedian * Assistant professor in Azad University of Tehran Possibility of fulfillment of punitive conditions – former agreements of the two parties concerning evaluation of probable damages brought about by the breach of contract is a subject about which in different systems of law, there are various opinions."

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