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economic stability and the central bank: rule or discretion

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بهار 1383 - شماره 10 (13 صفحه - از 121 تا 133)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Gross Domestic Product ،Federal Reserve Bank ،McCallum ،Policy ،GDP ،The Demand Money ،Monetary ،As ،Taylor McCallum ،Brookings Papers Economic Activity ،Monetary Policy ،This McCallum ،This ،Money ،Demand Money ،Bank ،Targeting ،Taylor ،Rule ،Inflation ،Economics ،Milton Friedman ،Economy ،Political Economy ،Allan Meltzer ،It ،Policy Rule ،Rules ،Yt ،Hamburger

The history of monetary policy in Iran, judging by their performance in keeping the value of the currency, maintaining a steady growth in the Gross Domestic Product, faltering investment, show that monetary policy has not been a portrait of consistent successes, to say the least. As a result of the recent studies two rules have emerged as guideline for policy makers: Taylor rule and McCallum rule. This study finds using the McCallum rule for monetary policy improves its outcome.

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