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investment in housing sector, an input-outpur approach


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Housing Sector ،Input-Output ،Investment

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Indirect Coefficients Manufacturing Housing Sector، Direct Indirect Coefficients Manufacturing Housing، Manufacturing Sectors Products Residential Sector، Products Residential Sector Manufacturing Sectors، Needs Manufacturing Sectors Products Residential، The Needs Manufacturing Sectors Products، Sectors Products Residential Sector Allocation، Residential Sector Allocation Products Residential، Products Residential Sector Allocation Products، Manufacturing Sectors Products Housing Sector

The Housing sector can be considered both the exchange of intermediate goods and the investment goods for the manufacturing sectors. The housing sector is the buyer of intermediate goods such as brick, cement, iron etc from one side, and uses the investment goods such as crane etc from other side. Furthermore, it uses the labour force. Thus, the housing sector has three types of buying which includes intermediate goods, investment goods and labour force. In addition to the above case, the housing sector is also a supplying sector. From this stand, it produces the intermediate inputs, to the manufacturing sectors. On the other side it produces investment goods, which is bought by other economic sectors. The latter can be named as the investment in housing, which is a considerable ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌amount and can be said that it is equal to the total investment of private sector in the housing. The above discussion can be stated in an input-output framework. To simplify and summarize, the whole economy is divided into two sectors of housing and other sectors. It is obvious that other sectors include, manufacturing sector as well.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Each of these coefficients shows how much the housing sector in order to produce one thousand Rials of its products needs to buy of the intermediate goods from each of the sub-sector of economy. 2-2 Technical Coefficients of Production Necessary in Manufacturing Sectors to the Products of Housing Sector These needs indicate the needs of each of manufacturing sectors to the products of housing sectors in order to produce one thousand Rials of their products; the sector of residential constructions includes residential production, main repairs and trivial fixing services. 5 Table (5): Direct and Indirect Coefficients of Manufacturing in Housing Sector Constructional metal products 33. While the share of the major products of steel and steel mill in procuring total intermediate cost of housing sector was about 24% which allocate the first rank among all manufacturing sectors. The share of intermediate purchases of housing sector from importing goods to the total value of production of housing sector forms a figure equal to 12. In other words, to produce one thousand Rials products in the housing sector there is a need to 127 Rials of importing goods which in any way form a considerable figure. Among the importing goods needed for the housing sector the major share is allocated to major products of steel and steel mill, which includes more than 63% of total imported intermediate costs of housing sector. 8611, In other words, to produce one thousand Rials added value in the housing sector, 861 Rials intermediate goods, such as constructional materials, have been spent."

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