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on the relationship between energy consumption and real gdp in iran: an application of vec model

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بهار 1385 - شماره 16 (8 صفحه - از 141 تا 148)

کلیدواژه ها : Energy consumption ،Economic growth ،Granger causality ،VEC model

کلید واژه های ماشینی : GDP ،The Relationship Energy GNP ،VEC Granger GDP ،On The Relationship Energy ،VEC ،Granger ،Relationship Energy GNP ،The Relationship Energy ،This GDP ،Granger GDP ،Perron GDP ،The VEC ،Causal Relationship Energy ،Perron ،Johansen ،PP ،Phillips ،Relationship ،Relationship Energy ،ECT ،On ،Table ،Energy Consumption ،Lolos Papapetrou ،Energy Economics ،Soytas Sari ،This ،LGDPR ،Economics ،Energy Development

This paper examines the causal relationship between energy use and real GDP for the period 1967-2002 in Iran. The results of Phillips- Perron test indicate that the real GDP and the four categories of energy , i.e. coal, oil, gas, and hydroelectric energy are integrated of order one. Besides, the Johansen – Juseliusmaximum likelihood co- integration tests imply the existence of Granger causality. The VEC models that have been estimated to test the direction of Granger causality support a unidirectional causality from GDP to energy use in short run.

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