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prequisites for effectiveness of resource mobility in islamic financial institutions (ifis)

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پاییز 1385 - شماره 17 (20 صفحه - از 21 تا 40)

کلیدواژه ها : Islamic financial institutions ،resource mobility ،efficiency ،electronic transaction

کلید واژه های ماشینی : IFIS RM ،IFIS ،IFI ،RM ،We IFIS RM ،MC ،Pakistan ،We IFIS ،MCS ،We ،So ،Moslem ،S RM ،CFIS ،ETr ،Al ،One RM ،One ،IFIS CFIS ،GDP ،OIC ،Ti ،Ef ،Kuwait ،Table ،CFIS IFIS ،It ،Some ،This ،MCS ETr

Resource mobility (RM), generally speaking, - whether physical resources, human resource or financial resources, - is a key factor in economic performance. In this paper we are examining some dimensions of "RM" with respect to" Islamic financial institutions" (IFIS). We want to indicate the prerequisites which are necessary to make IFIS more efficient in RM. One hypothesis is that doing tasks electronically can enhance RM. First section is devoted to introductory notes and methodology, second section deals with potential significance of IFIS and their relationship with RM. In the third section, while mentioning the factors affecting the efficacy of IFIS regarding RM, the relevant test will be performed. Finally we end up the paper with some concluding remarks and policy implications.

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