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an approach for investment allocation among altertnative economic sectors

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پاییز 1385 - شماره 17 (18 صفحه - از 41 تا 58)

کلیدواژه ها : Social Accounting Matrix ،Linear Programming ،Investment Allocation ،Iran ،Golestan Province

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Linear Programming Model Social ،Programming Model Social Accounting ،SAM Golestan Province Iran ،GRP ،Linear Programming Model ،Linear Programming ،Golestan Province Iran ،Golestan Province ،SAM ،Table ،The GRP ،Investment ،Papers Regional Science ،Social Accounting ،Programming ،This ،Products ،Reference ،As ،Appendix ،Hence ،Araujo Teixeira ،Regional Science ،Thus ،Finally ،Economics ،Accounting Matrix ،GRP Table ،Fig ،This GRP

This paper proposes a procedure for an effective investment allocation: a Linear Programming Model using a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). The Gross Regional Products (GRP) is the objective function. Several constraints, such as job creation for different levels of human force, income distribution inequality, supply and demand constraints for products, are considered in the model. The economic sectors of the region for a certain proportion of products are ranked with respect to the above objective function and constraints for any level of investment. The model is examined with the SAM of the Golestan Province in Iran for the year 1993/1994. The study shows that the model introduced can lead to a maximum level of GRP with respect to other goals and constraints for any level of investment.

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