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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Frank Winfield Woolwoth، Studying، Flexibility، Performance، Regarding Iran، Investing، Business، Article، Titles، Best Practice

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Titles 4 Article in aglance 8 Editoral 10 A resume of world management 12 One book,one article 13 Culture and prosperity 19 Business thinkers management giants 20 Robert Owen 23 Frank Winfield Woolwoth 26 Management checklist 27 Preparing for retirement with dignity and grace 30 Best Practice 31 Making cultures behave 34 Investing in spiritual capital 37 Making the workplace flex,not break 40 Creating fun in the workplace 43 Making performance appraisals a win- 46 win experience 48 Business information sources 49 Recruitment and selection 55 Best world 56 Economic resource of world 57 Telecommunication 61 Management literature 64 Management library 65 The motivation to work 67 Panel discussion 68 Article 86 Article in a glance(English) 88 Features Abstrance 13 Culture and welfare Today,economists have considered a timescale based on methodology. The article provides guidelines for the necessity of performace assessment, evaluating past performance,work planning, future roles and identifying development requirements."

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