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خلاصه ماشینی:

"The article under review is the text of lecture which Ayatullah sayyid Mahdi Rawhani delivered in the 31st meeting on human sciences in Japan، in his trip to Japan with a delegation of some scholars and professors. This article introduces the book Ahadith Ahl al-Bayt ‘an Turaq Ahl al-Sunnah، written by Ayatullah Sayyid Mahdi Rawhani and Ayatullah Ali Ahmadi Mianji، and its various aspects. While mentioning the hisrory of compiling hadith، the author tries to display the shortcomings which exist in Dr. Hanafiصs article and raises some objections on Dr. Hanafi doctrines The next part of this review will be published in the next issue of this journal. Sayyid Muhammad-Javad Shubayri A look at the Word Tanaqqabat in Zyyart Ashura Since the existence of misspelling and misreading in hadith texts and speeches of Infallibles is an undeniable matter، scholars have always viewed them with a critical eye."

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