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"The Development of “Bidding to Honor and Forbidding Dishonor” to Promote National Involvement and Cohesion: Baseej’s Role and Initiative Written by : Parvaneh Tilla, A Postgraduate in Public law Abstract “Bidding to Honor and Forbidding Dishonor” is not only a religious duty, but also a legal institution enacted under the eighth principle of the Constitutional Law. This principle recognizes supervision as a general duty, considering it in terms of three aspects: people-to-government, people-to-people, and government-to-people. Key words : bidding to honor, forbidding dishonor, “people-to-government” supervision, Constitutional Law, Baseej, enacted laws, Public and divine sovereignty A Critique of Baseej’s Special Rold an Functions under the Foruth Development Plan Act: the Deficits and Options Written by : Dr. Nader Sa’ed, Doctor of International Law Written by : Dr. Muhammad Sa’ed, Doctoral student of Criminal Law, of Shahid Baheshti University Abstract Planning constitutes one of the Fundamental Necessaries of public affairs management."

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