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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Also mentioned is the historical significance of Ray and its communicational role in the early centuries of Islam، followed by a list of its ulema and hadith transmitters down to the end of the fourth century AH/ ninth century. Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Wazirifard: Principles of Studying the Modes of Making Up of Hadiths in al-Mawducat of Ibn al-Jawzi The writer first gives a brief intruduction to the life of Ibn al-Jawzi and his works، followed by some critical comments on his book al-Mawducat in which he views the Shiite standpoint in a prejudiced way. To introduce the hadith-relators، first their full name is given، followed by a mention of their academic standing and repute - as deemed by great Shiite ulema - together with a list of their works."

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