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"* * * Al - Kafi in the Light of Investigations By : Mr. Hamid Salim Gandmi Summary:The importance and crdit of the book "Al-Kafi" compiled by SeghatOl-Islam Mohammad bin yaghoub Al - Kolaini, has encouraged many ofthe Shia scholarsto prepare and publish investigations and interpretations about it . In this essay, the views and ideas of the grand Shia Scholar (narrator), Mirza Hossain Nouri, about Al-Kafi, in his book," Khatemeh Mostadrak al- vasayel" is discusses and evaluated. Keywords , Al -kafi, review and evaluation / Kolaini, Mohammad bin Yagoub/Shia traditions, 4 th century/ Nouri, Mirza Hossain/ Shobairi Zanjani, Syed Mousa / Shia authencity, and the necessity to have trust and confidence in those books. Keywords: Al - Kafi, evaluation of narrations of the infallible leaders of Islam/Kolaini, Mohammad bin Yaghoub/ the 4 basic narrative books /the Immamiya Shia traditions, 4th and 5th century / the 400 old narrative books /The history of Shia traditions/ The book " Merat Ol-Oghul" as an explanatory book to the book Al-Kafi / Majlesi, Mohammad Bagher/ Al - Kafi, inquiries and replies. * * * The Shiite studies about the narrators, scholars, and content of the Islamic traditions in the "Bibligraphy of the handwriting manuscripts of the Islamic narrations" By: Mr. Ali Sadraei Khoei Summary: This essay gives a general information about the "bibliography program" of the "Shiite traditions and related knowledge in handwriting manuscripts"."

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