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"Extravagance and the Fall of the Civilizations Reza Haqpanah The article deals with expressing the individual and social ominous consequences of extravagance, and proceeds to dealing with major features of the affluent, under such topics as: hostile positions of the affluent against the prophets and social reformers; denial of the hereafter; arrogance and rebelliousness; regarding wealth and affluence as goals; and injustice, molestation, and blind imitation of the ancients. Having dealt with the above issues, the writer of the article touches upon the measures taken by the North to confront the south, and in the end, briefly reviews the opposition of the Islamic Iran with the unjust world system, and its most important manipulative components. The article, furthermore, takes into consideration the roles of the religious leaders'''' movements, in the contemporary era, in development and reinforcement of religious foundations and revival of Islamic values in Islamic lands, which has been initiated by Sayyed Jamal and reflected in the idea of Islamic State formulated by Imam Khomeini (RA), which, in turn, led to the formation of Islamic government in Iran."

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