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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Western Allamah Mutahhari، Intellectualism Martyr Mutahhari، Western Intermingling Western Islamic Eastern، Intellectualism، Muslims West Islamic Civilization، Islamic Facility Moderateness، Martyr Mutahhari Muslim، In Allamah Mutahhari، Allamah Mutahhari، In The Name Of Allah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The author concludes by stating that the process of intellectualism is needed to critically analyze and supervize the situation with complete independence from the government and the official literature in vogue in a way the we should not sacrifice thae nucleus of the religion for its crust and also not to throw away its nucleus along with its crust. Martyr Mutahhari believes that a Muslim intellectual should possess the following distinct features like acquaintance with the Islamic texts and sources, to be righteous propagator of the religion, to be a faithful Muslim and to fully know the alien school of thoughts. The historical background of intermingling of alien schools of thought with Islam has emerged in Iran since the inception of constitutional movement by the westernized intellectuals and this phenomenon is still in process. Three important functions of the intellectuals are as follows: to reason logically (to free the society from thinking illogically), to liberate the people from the calamity of stagnation and dogmatism, to free the masses from the calamity of dangerous imitation and In The Name Of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful The Basis of Insight for Intellectualism and Faith in the West Hameed Parsaniya The developments during the last few centuries in the Western world has given a special meaning to intellectuality which differs from the stages of knowledge and insight in the verbal wisdom, intuition wisdom and pure religious knowledge."

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