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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Revival Element Movement Ashura، The Nature Movement Ashura، Ashura، The Impact Ashura Movement، Movement، Ali Akbar Navaee، The Ashura Jamaica Trinidad، The India Imam Hossein، The Movement Ashura، The Ashura

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The writer, considering Imam Hossein as the greatest example of revivalists in the history of Islam, maintains that the act of revival should be in conformity with the conditions of the society. As for the consequences, the writer mentions the following: leaving a great example for the coming generations to follow, revival of the religion, extinction of the Umayyads dynasty, the necessity of important historical reforms in all times and places, which has resulted in many revolutions throughout history. Next the writer describes the achievements of the movement, which include the following: demonstrating the ugliness of oppression; the price to be paid in defense of the oppressed; distinction between Truth and Falsehood, revealing the hypocritical rule of the Umayyads, emergence of religious feelings against the rulers; revival of Islamic facts and of Muslims. The other examples are as follows: the effects of the Ashura movement on Pakistan''''s fight for independence; holding Ashura Mourning ceremonies in Lebanon, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Thailand, etc."

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