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خلاصه ماشینی:

"it also surveys the role of Zakat and the underlying fact of enacting the law of Zakat as one of the thorough and economic foundations of Islam. traditions and related jurisprudents theories regarding the underlying fact of enactig Zakat is likely to suggest that Zakat can play a significant role in supplying the budget of an Islamic state . At the end there is a comparison as well as contrast of the two concepts of Zakat and tax showing their similar or distinctive effects on enacting financial and economic laws of Islam. The goal of this paper is to suggest the fact that the holy religion of Islamic as a unique “ liberation school” for humanity has been mindfull of all aspects of humanlife، and has given special attention to economic problems and affered the mankind full directions، all in accord with his human nature. Thus we may conclude that Islam has not neglected the man in presenting him with a perfect model concerning economic activities trade problems، and market life. article tends to prove the fact that although economic as a ''''''''young science'''''''' has made a great progress in approaching the profit of a perfect science prevalent scintific argument in this field emanate mostly from philsophical and value differences rather than metodological onse. principals of Islamic Economics are infact based on the criteria and values dervied from quran، sayings of the prophet (hadiths) traditions (sunnat)، the consensus of the community (idjma)، and independent judgement of muslim authorities (idjtihad). of Quranic Science Hadith (tradition) Bureau For Research Studies on politics Dept."

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