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ISC (11 صفحه - از 142 تا 152)

خلاصه ماشینی:

"ASSISTANT OF ISIAMIC AZAD UNIVEESITY TEHRAN- SAMA Semantic Contento of stories and myths in the Quran Extract: In the Quran the words "stories" " Narration" "Tidings" and "proverb" are used as the meaning of a tale illustrating parts of historical events with the potential effects of lessoning and directing, while the word "myth" in the Quran is regarded as superstitious stories originated in minds of the deceased. NAD Ali ASHURi TELUKI··· ··· 80 - THE WORD OF GOD AND THE BOOK OF GOD/AHMAD ABEDi··· ··· 98 - THE SEMANTIC CONTENT OF STORIES AND MYTH iN THE QURAN/ABBAS ASHRAFI··· ··· 111 - A NEW GIANCE AT THE nerrrations ABOUT THE REVELATION OF THE QURAN ON SEVEN-PARTICLE BASIS/GHOIAN HOSEIN ARABI··· ··· 123 - E×TRACTS OF THE THESIS ON THE QURAN/EDITOR- iN- CHIEF EDITOR··· ··· 137 - E×TRACTS OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH."

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