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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Bureau For Research Studies، Bureau For Research Studies Culture، Bureau For Research Studies Economics، For Research Studies Culture Communication، Bureau For Research Studies Politics، For Research Studies Islamic Sciences، The Islamic Studies Political Science، The Islamic Studies، Imam Sadeq University، The Islamic Studies Economics

خلاصه ماشینی:

"However, economics is also a peculiar science, set apart from, say, physics because it studies human actions and therefore invokes the reasons and motives of human agents as the "causes of things" and from, dynamic social institution could lead to a more favourable condition for economic development and prosperity. the interaction of legal and political institutions with the nature of economic realities is studied, and various views on the subject are examined which represent varying degrees of interdependence between socio - political institutions and the performance of a given economic system. This paper examines the Key elements of the policies and strategies of technology transfer which can contribute effectively to the economic and industrial development of Less Developed Countries (LDCs). They are: The Culture and Communication studies, The Islamic Studies and Economics, The Islamic Studies and Law, The Islamic Studies and Political Science, The Islamic Studies and Theology and Guidance, The Islamic Studies and Management."

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