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"Johansen method shows that there is one cointegration vector between the variables entered in the models of demand for oil-products and electricity؛ but there is no dynamic long-run equilibrium relationship in the VECM of natural gas. Hadith collections of Shiism attribute another voluminous book to Imam Ali containing all necessary legal commandments for the Islamic society. This book is considered the first haith work in the history of hadith، dictated by the prophet of Islam and written by Imam Ali. Thus، it is regarded as a unique heritage of the Household of the prophet inherited from the Holy prophet. The Influence of the Universal Domination of the West on Tourism in Muslim Countries (with a Case Study of Iran) By:Dr. Mohammad Hadi Homayoon Today، with the domination of the western civilization، communications and mass media are of a key role and a significant function in establishing the universal domination of the West."

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