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ISC (9 صفحه - از 257 تا 265)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Social Deviations، Social Deviations Quranic Approach، Islamic Government Social Deviations، Muslimin Sayyed Ahmad، MA Fiqh Law، Delimiting Social Deviations، Hojjat، Vacuum Social Deviations، Fiqh، Muslimin Mohammad

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Religion, Society, and Social Deviations Hojjat-ol Islam wal-Muslimin Sayyed Ahmad Hashemi MA in Sociology Abstracts: Religion is the strongest and hardest rope of Allah to which only man can resort and by which he/she can reach the highest position i. An Investigation on Corruption from the Approach of Fiqh Hojjat-ol Islam wal-Muslimin Mohammad Hassani MA in Criminal Law Abstract: The deviation of man and society from moderation results in corruption on the basis of which forbidding laws are codified in Islam. A Study of Social Deviations in Islam and Liberalism Hafizollah Fooladi MA in Sociology Abstract: Man as a social being can play his appropriate role in the society, only if there be an order in his social interactions, and the realization of the order is possible if every one follows the social norms. Keywords: the supervision of Allah, social man, social order, social contract, social deviations, social norms, social control, social acceptance, Islam, liberalism, religion, the lived experience, self-control. Social Deviations from a Quranic Approach Hojjat-ol Islam wal-Muslimin Nasrollah Aghajani MA in Sociology Abstract: A healthy society is the one which enjoys physical, economic, psychological, social position and value security. Legal Vacuum and Social Deviations Maryam Ahmadiyyeh MA in Fiqh and Law Fatemeh Bodaghi MA in Private Law Abstract: This article studies part of the Islamic penal code related to crimes against public morality and modesty with respect to articles 637-640 of the Islamic penal code based on library and field research."

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