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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Trans Ali Reza Ghaeminia، Trans Ali Akbar Ahmadi، The Problem Other Minds، Why Not Scepticism، Ghodrat Allah Ahmadi، Mehdi Ghavam Safari، Keith Lehrer، Avicenna، Rationalim Religiousness، Ghazali

خلاصه ماشینی:

"What he has tried to do, is to rebut skepticism in certain plausible forms, to show that the arguments for those skeptical views, do not establish that we do not have knowledge and justified belief. In this essay, the author at first explains and classifies the various arguments for and against scepticism which are mentioned in Mohassal and Naghd-al-Muahassal. This essay offers novel assessment of Ghazali''''s epistemic and religious views which is so different from precedent''''s methods in this regard. The purpose of this essay is to determined influential factors leads to intellectual and cultural collapes of Table of Contents Editorial1··· Ghazali''''s Rationalim and Religiousness/ Yahya Yasrebi3··· Avicenna''''s Avoiding Skepticism/ Mehdi Ghavam Safari··· 63 Tusi''''s Responses to Scepticism/ Pirooz Fatoorchi··· 83 Skepticism/ Robert Audi/ Trans by Ali Akbar Ahmadi··· 121 The Problem of Other Minds/ George Graham/ Trans by."

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