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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Role President Implementation Constitution، The Islamic Republic Iran، Islamic Republic Iran Constitution، Iran، President، Hamid Bahrami Ahmadi، The History Compilation Civil Law، Iranian، Civil Procedures Iran France، Carrying Out Male Murderer

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"Key words: semiotics – cultural semiotics - domicile The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Reservation Right in the International Pacts of Human Rights Dr. T. Whereas if we look on the nature of the individual’s liability as a sign of his intellectual ability and accept the fact that the degree of this potential differs from person to person, we shall conclude that the interaction of the individual with the twofold duties produced by those regulations (criminal and penal duties) would vary according to his ability and can be examined in four different stages: 1- The educational stage 2- The pre-criminal stage 3- The relative penal liability 4- The absolute penal liability Key words: penal obligation – actual capacity – criminal capacity – penal capacity – strict liability – minor – insanity – maturity – discretion The Non-Priority of Additional Compensation on the part of the Woman’s Avengers of Blood for Carrying Out the Male Murderer’s Execution."

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