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معرفی نوشته های علمی ایرانیان در نشریه ها و کتابهای بین المللی

علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (7 صفحه - از 103 تا 109)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Psy، Dept Psy، Psychology، Medical، Vol، Journal، نوشته‌های علمی ایرانیان، Dept Psychology، Research، نشریۀ علمی تسهیل تبادل اطلاعات، Coll، England، Psychiatry، Pharmacology، Jefferson Medical Coll، Ctr، Medical Coll، ایرانیان در نشریه‌ها، PA Vol، ISBN، Inst، Apr، Research Medical Educa، Mar، NY، Dept Psychol، Los Angeles، Jul، School Psy، نشریه‌ها و کتابهای بین‌المللی

خلاصه ماشینی: "(Thomas Jefferson U, Jefferson Medical Coll, Ctr for Research in Medical Educa- tion & Health Care, Philadelphia, PA)Phy- sicians' Intention to stay In or leave pri- mary care specialties and variables asso- ciated with such Intention. Evaluation & the Health Professions, 1995(Mar), Vol 18(1). (National Inst of Occupational Health, Div of Social & Organizational Psychology, Solna, Sweden)Evaluation of an ergonomics intervention programme in VDT workplaces. (U Florida, Dept of Psychology, Ctr for Hearing Research, Gainesville)A common neural code for frequency- and ampli- tude-modulated sounds. (U North Carolina School of Medicine, Dept of Psy- chiatry, Chapel Hill)The subchronk ef- fects of the TRH analog TA-0910 and bromocriptine on aleahol-preference in alcohol-preferring rats: Development of tolerance and cross-tolerance. Alcohol- ism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 1994(Oct), Vol 18(5), 1196-1201. (U Califomia-Los Angeles Medical Ctr, Dept of Psychiatry, Harbor Campus, Torrance)Rey IS-item Memorization and Dot Counting Korea in a stress" claim worker's compensation popula- tion: Relationship to personality (MCMI)scores. (Charles Drew U of Medicine & Science, Los Angeles, CA) The relationship between chronic illness and depression in a community of urban Black elderly persons. Journals of Geron- tology: Series B: Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences. Early, Education & Development, 1995(Apr), Vol 6(2), 181-191. (U London, University Coll London, Dept of Psychology, England) Personality differences and group ver- sus individual brainstorming. Personality & Individual Differences, 1995(Jul), Vol 19(1), 73-80. Educational & Psycholog- ical Measurement, 1995(Oct), Vol 55(5), 701-715. (State U New York, Coll at Binghamton, Dept of Psychology, Environmental Neuropsychol- ogy Lab)Dietary iron and exposure to lead influence susceptibility to seizures."

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