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Summary of Articles

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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Seyed Hossein Homayoon Mesbah، Motahhari، Summary Articles، Martyr Motahhari، According Martyr Motahhari، Boyook Alizadeh، According Shahid Motahhari، The Motahhari، In Master Motahhari، He Motahhari

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"Keywords: religion, ideology, time necessities A glimpse at the book "Motahhari and the modern theology" Zeinab Barkhordari The views of master Motahhari have been published in various books. According to Martyr Motahhari, to increase the efficiency of Islam in the development process, there is no need to amend religion: what is needed is to amend religiosity, which is made possible by providing the grounds for proper understanding of religious teachings and interpreting social relationships and behaviors based on the facts of Islam. Keywords: Motahhari, theology, religion studies, interdisciplinary religious studies Motahhari''''s view on the compatibility of Islam and Modernity Seyed Hossein Homayoon Mesbah In the last four centuries, we have witnessed rapid and radical changes in the living environment of human beings. Generally, there are two interpretations of modernity: Summary of Articles Motahhari''''s views on interdisciplinary studies of religion Boyook Alizadeh Motahhari was a prolific writer."

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