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"Key words: income generation jobs, job training, rural women The Author s Farideh Aleagha: Faculty Member of University of Tehran E-mail: faleagha@yahoo. Key words: employment, micro credits, rural women The Author s Jafar Yaghoubi: Faculty Member of Zanjan University E-mail: jafar230@yahoo. Key words: environmental factor, individual factor, networking factor, organizational factor, women entrepreneurship The Author s Parvaneh Gelard: PhD student, Science and Research Unit, Faculty Member of Open University E-mail: p_gelard@yahoo. Key words: convergence, social demand, women''''s higher education The Authors s Hassan Karnameh Haghighi: Faculty Member of Sheikh Bahayei University E-mail: karnameh@yahoo. com A Critical Review of Gender Inequality in Terminating Marriage in Iranian Civil Code Seyyed Ali Alavi Ghazvini Abstract: The Iranian Civil Code, especially those relating to family laws, is mainly based on the prevailing opinions of Shiite jurisprudence (without considering other views and evaluating their strength)."

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