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Saint Anselm of Canterbury and Molla Sadra on the Necessity of God''s Existence


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خلاصه ماشینی: "The resemblance between these two terms, sapientia and æekmat, is a felicitous illustration of the affinity and congeniality, that —notwithstanding the fact that they lived centuries apart and belonged to two different, and sometimes even opposite, religious traditions— can be detected between the two men, as least as far as their approach to the necessity of God''''s existence is concerned. 3. Anselm’s proof in the eyes of Morta¼ƒ MoÖahhar… This article is not the first attempt to examine the way in which both Saint Anselm and Mollƒ ±adrƒ have tried to proof God’s existence and to raise question whether a certain similarity between their proofs can be detected. Being itself and as such, when approached or viewed from the perspective of being, is a direct proof of God. In the eyes of Mollƒ ±adrƒ, Ebn S…nƒ’s proof of God’s existence is not entirely satisfactory. ” (9, p: 118) It is from this point of departure that Anselm in his Proslogion formulates his proof of God’s existence, his ratio Anselmi (Anselm’s reason) as it is called in Christian Scholasticism. What I would like to do in this article, is to raise the question what kind of argument or arguments Anselm of Canterbury and Molla ±adrƒ have used to prove God’s existence and to compare these arguments in order to find out if a certain resemblance or analogy is to be detected."

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