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The Unity of the Intellect and the Intelligible A Brief Comparison between Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra


علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (26 صفحه - از 123 تا 148)

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خلاصه ماشینی:

"1. The Answer to the First Argument As was mentioned before Ibn Sina asks “If the substance of the intellect perceives the intelligible B, will it retain its former state or after its union with the intelligible will its state will change?” Mulla Sadra answers that he accepts the second option. The existence of the thing in its substantial and evolving motion attains those perfections it did not have before and Mulla Sadra also states that when he understood the difficulty of this point and did not find any solution in the books of the leading Muslim philosophers, such as Al-Shifa, Al-Nijat, and Al-Isharat nor could he find anything on this point in the works of Ibn Sina’s equals or followers, such as Bahmanyar, Suhrawardi, or Khwajah Nasir al-Din to seek their assistance, in such a state he says “We turned naturally to the Cause of the causes and prayed humbly to the Facilitator of the difficult issues to open this gate… then he conferred on us at the time of composing this chapter a new kind of knowledge from the treasures of His knowledge, and opened our heart mostly clearly to the gates of His mercy, and that is Allah’s grace which He grants to whomever He wishes, and Allah is dispenser of a great grace” (6, V: 3, p."

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