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ISC (2 صفحه - از 119 تا 120)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Household Prophet Their Rights، Household Prophet، Recognizing Household Prophet، This Profeesor Misbah، Professor Muhammad Taqi Misbah، This Qur، The House Imran، Misbah، In , Divine، Professor Misbah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"According to the monotheistic worldview, the rights of the Household of the Prophet have special divinity, for the Household of the Prophet are the lamp of guidance, ship of deliverence, the leaders who manage people¨s religious and worldly affairs. Deplomatic Immunity by Mahdi Mu¨mini The law is a means of organizing human social relations. It is not very difficult for a government to organize its domestic legal relations because it has a fairly good control over the political affairs inside the country. The present article introduces an account of the international penal code, Islamic fiqhi law and the laws of Iran to expound on deplomatic immunity. The last part of the essay deals with some other topics like close adherence to Allah¨s firm bond and the reprehensibility of needy people¨s turnning to others instead of relying on Allah for the accomlishment of their needs."

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