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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Justification Philosophy Avicenna Mulla Sadra، The Semantic Conception Truth Foundations، Synthetic Justification Philosophy Avicenna Mulla، Semantic Conception Truth Foundations Semantics، Synthetic Justification Avicenna Mulla Sadra، Relativism Its Modern Versions، Does Computer Have Mind، The Immanent Object Transitive، Foundationalism Problem Foundation، Foundation

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"John Searl''''s Critic Approach to the Strong Interpretation of the Artificial Intelligence Reza Akbari John Searl, an outstanding contemporary philosopher of mind and language who has been teaching at the university of Berkley since 1959, has published a good number of books such as Speech Acts, Intentionality, and The construction of Social Reality. Taghi Faali There are at least two viewpoints concerning the question of justification which is one of the most challenging areas of epistemology in the present time: foundationalism and coherentism. 4, Foundationalism and the Problem of Foundation Abbas Arefi To achieve a foundationalistic viewpoint in the question of justification based on Islamic philosophy in such a way that enjoys intellectual consolidation necessary, one should take into consideration all various challenges in this connection and find proper responses to them."

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