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"This is an external and objective theory of justification because the agent need not have access to the causal mechanisms that produce justified belief. Relations, Internal and External Richard Rorty Trans by Morteza Gharaee Common sense would seem to hold that if some properties of a thing were taken away from it, it would no longer be the same thing. If we think that the thing would be the same were it then we say that the relation in question is Testimony Robert Audi Trans by: Ali Akbar Ahmadi Testimony is our primary social source of knowledge and justification. 3··· Coherence Theory of Epistemic Justification and the Isolation Objection/ 21Morteza Fathizade··· Five Varieties of Cognitive Relativism/ Howard Sankey 55[Trans by Pirooz Fatoorchi]··· Testimony/ Robert Audi [Trans by Ali Akbar Ahmadi]67··· What is Justified Belief/ Alvin Goldman/ 97[Trans by Masoud Alvand]··· Relations: Internal and External/ Richard Rorty 131[Trans by Morteza Gharaee]··· Book Review157··· Epistemological Terminology167···"

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