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علمی-پژوهشی (8 صفحه - از 207 تا 214)

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"Key words: Mahdism, sainthood, prophecy, Sohravardi, meffiamisem Islamic Philosophy and Idealism Dr. Abdurrazzaq Hesamifar­ Abstract In philosophy, idealism has two meanings. Key words: idealism, Islamic philosophy, realism, naturalism, spiritualism __________________________ * - Assistant Professor of Imam Khomeini International University The agency of God in Sohravardi’s philosophy Dr. A. Key words: theoretical reason, antinomy, philosophical cosmology __________________________ * - Associate Professor of Tabriz University Plato''''s Circular Proof for Immortality of The Soul after Death Dr. Mahdi Ghavam-Safari­ Abstract Plato’s circular proof for immortality of the soul after death is presented by a mythical philosophical expression, while it is based on "an ancient doctrine" about "circle of successive birthes" and appeals to the principle of "raising the opposites from each other", which has been current in Hellenic culture from Hesiodus to Plato."

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