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"The Impact of Education on Agriculture in Iran Dr. Mohsen Ebrahimpoor Abstract In this research paper, the author attempts to analyze the correlation between appropriate education given to agriculturists and the agricultural productivity in Iran on the basis of the Bazrap-McNickle theory. According the author one of the most important factors in providing incentives to the students to pursue their education as well as showing interest in scientific and research activities is the level of social suport given to research scholars and college students. Besides reviewing the existing views as regards these places, the aim of this paper is to study the organization of successful urban spaces that cater to the needs of the socio-cultural relations of the urban population in a positive way. In order to arrive at a suitable conclusion in this regard the author initially asked 100 students from different four high schools in Tehran to write down their reasons for watching video films in the form of a brief report. The analysis of the answers provided by the respondent resulted in the identification of the following eight major factors that inclined these youth towards watching video film: " 1- Educational purposes; 2- Learning about the life style of other nations; 3- Compensating for the lack of satisfaction with the national television; 4- Making a comparison between the various cultures; 5- Earning the respect of friends and peers; 6- Pastime; 7- Gaining sexual iformation and recreation; and 8- Satisfying curiosity."

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