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GENEVA CONVENTIONS on Bills of exchange and Promissory notes

ISC (26 صفحه - از 323 تا 348)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Each High Contracting Parties، Each High Contracting Parties Article، League Nations High Contracting Parties، General League Nations High Contracting، General League Nations، Any High Contracting Party Secretary، Any High Contracting Party، Any High Contracting Party Convention، League Nations Convention Convention Secretary، Article

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The same applies to the effect of an action as a means of indicating the commencement of the period of limitation (prescription) laid down in Article 70, paragraph 3, of the Uniform Law. Article 18 Each of the High Contracting Parties has the right to prescribe that certain business days shall be assimilated to legal holidays (jours feries ligaux) as regards presentment for acceptance or payment and all other acts relating to bills of exchange. Article 53 After the expiration of the limits of time fixed: For the presentment of a bill of exchange drawn at sight or at a fixed period after sight; For drawing up the protest for non-acceptance or non-payment; For presentment for payment in the case of a stipulation retour sans frais, the holder loses his rights of recourse against the endorsers, against the drawer and against the other parties liable, with the exception of the acceptor. 1 Article 46 The drawer, an endorser, or a person guaranteeing payment by aval (avaliseur) may, by the stipulation "retour sans frais ", "sans protet", or any other equivalent expression written on the instrument and signed, release the holder from having a protest of non-acceptance or non-payment drawn up in order to exercise his right of recourse."

از 323 تا 348