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خلاصه ماشینی:

"proximity articles "lslamic Awakening in the Contemporary World and the Role of Proximity in it" is the title of an article by Sayyed A. it is concerned with the marked departure from the right path of Islamic thought in the recent century and the role that Martyr Motahhari played in countering this deviation. J. Sahlani Editorial This editorial views the significance of proximity in the lslamic countries, considering the recent conditions of contemporary world that calls for the unity of Muslims as an undeniable necessity. word of proximity Mr. Vaez-zadeh Khorassani, the secretary general of the World Proximity Assembly, takes a look at the matter of unity from Qur''''anic point of view under the title "lslamic Unity of the Ummah". message of pilgimmage This is the message of Imam Khamne''''i wherein the present situation of the world of Muslims, as well as the responsibilities of lslamic Ummah, has been taken into consideration."

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