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"The present research paper is an attempt towards reviewing the material / trans-material values of the students of the varius universities of Tehran and the correlation between these values and some of the existing cultural norms; similar to the studies undertaken by Inglehart in other societies. Similarly, most of the respondents had material - based values and gave it priority over self-actualization and traditional Applying the multiple variable regression model the study showed that the variables collectively made up 57% of the changes in the levels of the job satisfaction, but only such variables as justice, job identity, job alienation, working conditions, group interdependence, and self-image, found their way into the regression equation. Based upon the framework as well as the model adopted for the purpose of this survey, the hypothesis of the study was that cultural, social, personal, and environmental conditions as well as basic indirect variables impact the level of job satisfaction in individuals. Therefore, it was revealed that factors like job value, group interdependence, participation, justice, job alienation, internal inspiration, job identity, self-image, working conditions, and the nature of the job have direct correlation with the levels of job satisfaction. The Causes and Motives of Vandalism: A Review (With Special Reference to Cases of Stone-Pelting Towards Passenger Trains) Mohammad Effati Abstract In this paper, an attempt is made to study the phenomenon of vandalism that sometimes surfaces in acts like stone-pelting towards passenger trains with the view to finding out the motives and causes of this particular phenomenon as well as the cultural and social factors contributing to it."

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