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ISC (8 صفحه - از 449 تا 456)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Although Imam Khomeini Quranic Sciences، The Role Quran Imam Khomeini، RA، Quranic، Bibliography Readings Quran، Quranic Sciences Imam، The Quranic Imam، The Quran Ethics Imam، The Quran، The Quran Imam

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The writer proceeds to deal with absolute freedom in underlying and giving identity to his self، and talks about the relation of this freedom with his (man''''s) Divine nature، as well as about the unboundedness of human existense and the mystical interpretatan of the verse concerning man''''s being Zalum (most crub el) and Jahul (most ignorant) from the viewpoint of Imam، and states the status of man in the order of creation and the features of perfect man. Imam khomeini''''s Humanistic - Quranic viewpoint Davood sheybani Daluee In this article، the writer deals with Imam khomeini''''s Quranic viewpoints on man، and after stating reasons for the importance of this discussion and its impact an knowledge of religion، theosophy، and other human sciences، he examines Imam''''s views views about verses of story of Adam (A. Imam khomeini، the Quran، and interpretation Heyadar Alavi Nejad Following an introduction about understanding the Quran، the development of Quranic sciences، and exegetical methods since the beginning up to now، the writer deals with the issue of grasping the Quran from Imam Khomeini''''s point of veiw، and similarly، reviews Imam''''s outlook on the existing exegeses. The writer considers Imam''''s and practical mysticism، namely in - religious - Islamic sourced، especially the Quran، since Imam regards all Quranic verses، except verses of ordinances، as containing mystical doctrines. A comprehensive list of this issue''''s articles is as follows: Section one (Topical Researches) Imam khomeini''''s theological - Quranic Ideas sayyed Musa sadr In this article، some of Imam khomeini''''s theological - Quranic viewpoints are touched upon."

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