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ISC (14 صفحه - از 141 تا 154)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Technical Vocational Education System، Technical Vocational Education System Iran، This Technical Vocational Education، Technical Vocational Education Iran، Iran، Modern Vocational Education Its، Technical Vocational Training System، Technical Vocational Training، Elementary School، Farsi

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In this research the Piajetian concrete-operational testing (including the tests of seriation with model -and without model, classification, and number conservation) are used for determining the phase of cognitive transformation, teacher-made test for finding the performance of mathematics students in the way that is more popular in schools, and researcher-made educational advancement test in order to reach math students’ performance results and paying attention to understanding the taught math concepts. Assessment of Guidance Teachers Activity in Elementary Schools Abdolmajid Ovrangee Abstract The current research has taken place with the aim of understanding the activity of educational guidance teachers in fields of education (in various levels of pre-teaching, during teaching, and post-teaching), management (in the category of human relationships, evaluation of teachers’ work, and organizational responsibilities), and educational and experimental abilities from teachers view, in the form of a descriptive design through cluster sampling with the help of a questionnaire consisted of 64 questions (prepared with Likert style, in a five degree scale, with providing maximum validity and reliability for it). With regards to the findings and based on the resulted data from “content analysis forms” in the current research and the researches that have previously taken place in this field, it can be derived that: Mathematics and Experimental science books have to high extent paid attention to advancement motivation construct; Farsi literature, Religion, and Quran text books have to some extent paid attention to this matter; and Social Studies text books have been weak in paying attention to this matter."

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