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SIR Walter Scott: Romantic or englightenment Man?

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پاييز و زمستان 1383 - شماره 43 و 44 علمی-پژوهشی (16 صفحه - از 45 تا 60)

کلیدواژه ها : Romanticism ،Scottish Enlightenment ،Neoclassicism ،Act of Union ،Historiography

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Although Scott is usually considered a Romantic, an analysis of the sources of his so-called Romanticism reveals it to be superficial: his thought is profoundly influenced by that of the Scottish Enlightenment and by Neoclassical concepts. Many of Scott’s novels were written in reaction to the Glorious Revolution and the Act of Union, rather than the French Revolution. The Union influenced Scottish culture throughout the 1700s. One of its results was the development of Scottish Enlightenment historiography which forms the basis of Scott’s systematisation of history. Scott’s plots function as a means of examining various societies in different stages of progress. They also allow the protagonist to learn the worth of prized Neoclassical values such as the supremacy of reason over emotion and the importance of self-restraint and moderation. Scott’s mediaevalism and use of exotic locations stems from the Scottish Enlightenment interest in cultural difference. In addition, his narratorial interjections in the narratives are not evidence of a Romantic pre-occupation with the self, but a development of eighteenth century British literary practice.

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