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The French Influence on the English Language

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تابستان 1382 - شماره 187 علمی-پژوهشی (16 صفحه - از 1 تا 16)

کلیدواژه ها : Allophones ،Borrowings ،Dialect ،Diphthong ،Doublets ،Hybrid word ،Interjections ،Lexical ،Phoneme

کلید واژه های ماشینی : French ،English ،The English French ،French English ،The French ،English French ،English Language ،Norman French Central French ،England ،Old English ،The French English ،In Old English ،Norman ،Norman French ،Great Britain ،English Norman Conquest ،The English ،French English Norman ،MacMillan Press LTD ،Norman Conquest French ،Anglo ،England Norman ،History English Language ،France ،Middle English ،Old ،French Old English ،During Middle English ،Old English French ،Norman Conquest

English, like all languages in the world, has changed through its history. Some of its changes are due to the natural process of change which all languages pass through, and some others have come about as a result of language contact. Foreign influences on English are so great that they have changed English from an almost pure language to a completely mixed one. The language which has had the most penetrating influence on English is French. The Normans’ invasion put the native inhabitants of the country in direct contact with the language of the invaders, Norman French. In this article, first, the socio-historical situation of England under Norman Kings, which gave rise to this language change, is investigated, and then the French influence on different components of the English language is presented.

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