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Linguistics and Ethnography of Communication

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بهار 1383 - شماره 190 علمی-پژوهشی (12 صفحه - از 119 تا 130)

کلیدواژه ها : Communication ،communicative act ،communicative competence ،competence ،ethnography ،ethnography of communication ،ethno methodology

کلید واژه های ماشینی : This ،Communication ،Ethnographic ،Chomsky ،So ،Sociolinguistics ،Formal ،Thus ،Gumperz ،Hymes ،It ،Definitely ،What ،Introspection ،Here ،Communicative Language Teaching ،Ethnography

Language is part of the culture of a people and the chief means by which the members of a language community communicate. Ethnography of communication is the study of the place of language in culture and society. This discipline is often considered as a branch of sociolinguistics and is closely related to ethnomethodology. Ethnographic description refers to knowledge available to members of speech community which is used, more or less consciously, to categorize persons, places and activities. Formal analyses in the ethnography of communication focus on supra-sentential elements: speech situations, the forms of speech events, the interrelations of speaker, addressee, audience, topic, channel and setting, and the ways in which the speakers draw upon the resources of their language to perform certain functions. This functional study is conceived as complementary with the study of linguistic structure. Functional analyses focus on larger social and cultural settings. In language teaching the concept of ethnography of communication has provided impetus to Communicative Language Teaching, especially through the notion of communicative competence.

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