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A New Outlook to L2 Learner''s Writing Errors

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تابستان 1384 - شماره 195 علمی-پژوهشی (22 صفحه - از 47 تا 68)

کلیدواژه ها : Language Transfer; Wrong Word Choice; Persian Style; Wrong Application of Modifiers; L2 and L1 sentence Pattern; L2 and L1 Thought Pattern

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Errors ،English ،One English Iranian ،Students ،Persian English ،English Persian English ،Oxford University Press ،English Tabriz University ،Wrong Word Choice ،One ،English Iranian ،English Persian ،One English ،The Persian English ،Ellis ،University ،The English ،As ،پسر قد بلند ،TESOL Quarterly ،Tabriz University ،An Iranian ،University Press ،Applied Linguistics ،Press ،Linguistics ،An ،This ،Word Choice ،It

One question always engages the mind of those who are concerned with teaching and learning language in general and learning English language by Iranian students in particular. In case of Iranian students, teachers and researchers are interested to find out why graduate students from university fail to master English language after many years of study. An error analysis of Iranian students traces the influence of different elements within L1 on the final production of their L2. The corpus was examined from two aspects: Sentence-level errors and paragraph level errors. The findings of this study reveal that the differences between sentence patterns in English and Persian force students to employ structures in positions quite alien to English language sentence pattern. Students'''' word choice affected by the style of word choice in Persian constitutes another area responsible for the production of unnatural English sentences. Having knowledge about the problems of the students will help both teachers and students to use their effort and knowledge more fruitfully in the process of language teaching and learning.

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