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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Role Expressions Meanings، Interest Productive Commercial Loans، Rules Figh، Rules Figh Itlaf، Muslim، The Implication Rules Figh، The Rules Figh، Rules Figh Labor Market، Mohammad Ali Taskhiri، This Muslim

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"Estimating a Muslim''''s Religious Expenses Function Mortaza Ezzati Consumer behavior is one major debates in economics and Islamic economics in particular. This article attempts to estimate the function of a Muslim''''s religious expenses through an empirical investigation. Key Words: islamic economy, consumer, muslim, religious expenses function, behavior. Probably introdvcing new Rules such as Israf (wastage) Idhterar (emergengey), Adem inhesar (anti monopoly), Adam Ikrah (freedom of action), Taawoon (cooperation), Hujjeiat Bazar Mosalman (the authority of Muslim market) and Haqe Awlaweiat (the right of priority) and the applications of these new Rules will set the stage for deeper investigation for discovering new Rules. Key Words: fiqhi law; Islamic labor market; fiqh and economic doctrine; the Rules of Figh on israf (wastage), idhterar (emergengey), adem inhesar (anti monopoly), adam ikrah (freedom of action); discovering newrules of Figh. Interest on Productive and Commercial Loans Sayed Abbas Musavian The expansion of capitalist economic systems, particularly the banking industry, in the Islamic countries, posed a challenge to Muslim scholars."

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