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ISC (7 صفحه - از 228 تا 234)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Na، Muh، Fa، Ibn، Ba، Bi، Di، Written، Iran، Abu

خلاصه ماشینی:

"ManaËzÊir al-InshaË'''' consists of an introduction, two essays and a conclusion and the writer of introduction, has stated subjects and contents of author''''s devision, some objections have come about editing and printing style of the book at the end of introduction including: mistake in usage of punctuation, unnecessary and exagerated usage of iranic letters, unvocalized some of Arabic statements and some printed mistakes. Although the aim of this paper is explaining some of editor''''s errors of TÊabaqaËtÊ-i NaËsÊiriË, but at the begining of it, these subjects have been considered: MinhaËj SiraËj''''s biography, the contents of TabaqaËtÊ-i NaËsÊiriË and its importance, its writing style, manuscript and lithography copy with TaËriËkh-i VasÊaËf, they have noticed the handwriting of TifliËs which is famous as JamaËl al-DiËn KaËshaËniË''''s zubdat al-TavaËriËkh is the same third volume of TaËriËkh-i VasÊaËf. The author afrer table of cotents, with no introduction, has brought important events of history of Iran and the world (especially history of Islam) in manner of Hijrah''''s years briefly, Dr. Shams al-DiËn NajmiË, a member of scientific board of ShahiËd BaËhunar University of KirmaËn and the writer of mentioned article has gained this manuscript after lots of research and prepared them for press. The essay''''s writer, after a glance of the book style editing, the kind of handwriting used in its writing and also punctuating of the book, has counted some mistakes and errors in concept, dictation and Maa،ËniË al-QiraË''''aËt: written by AbiË MuhÊammad MakkiË Ibn-i AbiË TÊaËlib."

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