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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Arabian Peninsula Islam Translation Movement، Considering Arabian Peninsula Islam Translation، This Andalusia Muslim Muslim Spain، Islamic State Medina Islamic State، Muhammad Ibn Abi، The Muslim Greek Classic، Iran، Ibn Ghutaybah Dinawari، Ibn، Muslim

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Considering the cultural revolution in the Arabian Peninsula following the advent of Islam and the Translation Movement of early Islamic centuries, he emphasizes the historical significance of the Muslims'' adaptation of the Greek Classic heritage. Because of the author''s prominent scholarly character and the volumes'' antiquity, these books are ranked among the most important historical sources on the political, cultural, and military conditions of the first three Islamic centuries and even before. In this article, while presenting the most significant records on this case, it has been tried to highlight what is more The Establishment and Securement of the Caliphate in Medina Dr. Hadi Álemzadeh After his Hijrah, or Migration, to Medina, with the help of the Muhajirun (Emigrants) and the Ansar (Helpers), Prophet Muhammad succeeded to make the enemies of Islam, the Idolaters, the Hypocrites and the Jews surrender to the Islamic State in Medina and managed to spread the domain of the Islamic State''s authority nearly to the whole of Arabian Peninsula."

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