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"A. Abassi In order to study the political, social, and economical circumstances of the first century of the rise Islam, it is necessary to survey about the characters of that period, particularly the characters whose family or themselves had key roles in the Hisham (Moayyad), the Omavite Caliph of Andalusia (caliphate 366-399). In this article it has been tried to deal, both theoretically and practically, with the political, social and cultural impacts of the Ismailite religion, and the consequences of its recognition in Egypt. h), then bosr''s plundering, and his role in strengthening the Omavite power, killing Shiites, and his military and political position; and then his political activities in the period of Moaviah''s caliphate has been dealt with. Qaedan The article, at the beginning, deals in brief, with the kind and the color of the armour of the army forces at the time of the Holy Prophet of Islam (p."

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