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العلمية - البحثية (وزارت علوم)/ISC (6 صفحة - من 160 إلی 165)

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"ir) Studying the Effects of Fuel Price Changes on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Road Transportation Sector of Iran; New Approach of Robust Least Squares Sohrab Delangizan (PhD), Azad Khanzadi (PhD) and Maryam Heidarian (MA) 1 Received: 2015/10/7 Accepted: 2016/2/20 Abstract: Economic policies have led to many environmental challenges in Iran during last decades. com) Analyzing the Role and Impacts of Tax Revenues on Income Distribution and Human Development (A Case Study of Iran) Azad Khanzadi (PhD), Maryam Heidarian (MA) and Sara Moradi (MA) 1 Received: 2015/4/30 Accepted: 2016/2/20 Abstract: Tax is one of the most important sources of government expenditures. JEL Classification: H23, D33, O15 Keywords: Tax Revenues, Income Distribution, Human Development Index, Iran, Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Assistant Professor of Economics, Ma. Student of Energy Economics and Ma. Student of Economics Razi University of Kermanshah, Iran."

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