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فهرست مقالات

خلاصه مقالات به زبان انگلیسی


(14 صفحه - از 189 تا 202)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Arabic، A Persian Translation Qur، Translation Qur، Translation Exegesis Holy Qur، Blois Arabic Aramaic Syriac، Kazakh، Translation، He Arabic Persian English، Wahab Hajji Ghadir Khan Uli، Mr

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The translation, of which there is a review in the present volume, does not bear the Arabic original; Chapter Two deals in detail with the delicacies and complexities of the Qur''''aÎnic discourse; it introduces the linguistic and rhetorical aspects involved so as to reinforce what it introduced in its previous chapter. The final chapter, ،،Conclusion,, , states that translation is an ongoing process, a point which finds evident expression particularly in the case of the Qur''''aÎn, a text with its own unique linguistic and rhetorical peculiarities. My name is Wahab Haji Qadir Uli, a Kazakh author, reporter, scholar of Islamic studies, and translator of the Qur''''aÎn. Moreover, the Qur''''aÎn contains two distinct levels of guidance for non-Arab Muslims: 1) A lower level for normal people who have difficulty with Qur''''aÎnic matters and who recite suÎra al-FaÎtihÊa and some other small suÎras by memory - naturally in this instance these suÎras must be translated for them; 2) A higher level for specialists of the religious sciences who must perforce have a total command over the language of the Qur''''aÎn and who, by recourse to the works of the exegetes of the Qur''''aÎnــnot following them blindly, must perceive and understand the contents of the Qur''''aÎn in an independent fashion. detailed (followed by explanations), a detailed discussion on such topics as: the firm-footed people of knowledge, the reason for metaphorical verses in the Qur''''aÎn, and a word about the present translation."

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