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A Pragma-stylistic Study of Humour in Ahmed Matar's Poetry


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کلیدواژه ها :

Pragmatics ،mockery ،sarcasm ،exaggeration ،humour

This study aims to review and investigates the role and function of humourin Ahmed Matar's poetry pragma-stylistically. Furthermore, it attempts to identify the ways andstrategies in which he employs humour negatively. In a sense, he uses strategies of humour or joking so as tomock the socio-political situation in the case of Iraq. Thus, hecreates acceptability and sympathy on the part of the audience. The focus of this study is concerned with verbal mockery, which is produced by means of language or text. Additionally, the study postulates that there is no clear cut amongst humour types categories-that is the categories may interchange and merge in a few cases. Of the stylistic figures presented in this study is mockery,irony, exaggeration, comparison, and sarcasm.

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