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Backgrounds to English Literature


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"Going way back into the history of man, great civilizations did exist, East and West, to produce great art that affected the world and played part in enhancing cultures that exist up to the present times. II Influences on English Literature It is the Greek and the Roman civilizations that had the direct effect in developing the European civilizations and that is what history books deal with. Epic Literature As a literary genre, the epic combines many elements: It is a long poem in elevated style presenting characters of high position in a series of adventures which form an organic whole through their relation to a central figure of heroic proportions and through their development of episodes important to the history of a 7 nation or race. Religious Literature The basic three revealed religions of the world played a major part in the history of man, past and present. Dramatic Literature Drama in the West was invented by the Greeks as a national development of their religious rituals, and throughout the great period of their golden age. The best known in verse is Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (late fourteenth century), the first great work to have been written in the English language, near the end of its middle period. It tells us that the backgrounds of literature, from the earliest times to the present times, bring humanity together and show that man is one, old and new, Eastern and Western, pagan, Jew, Christian, or Muslim."

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