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Evaluation of a Viscoelastic Ankle-Foot Prosthesis at Slow and Normal Walking Speeds on an Able-Bodied Subject


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کلیدواژه ها :

Ankle ،foot prosthesis ،Walking speed ،Ankle damping ،Viscoelastic

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Prosthesis Slow Normal Walking Speeds ، Foot Prosthesis Slow Normal Walking ، Slow Normal Walking Speeds Able ، Evaluation Viscoelastic Ankle ، Vicon Motion System Ltd ، University Social Welfare Rehabilitation Sciences ، Methods ، An ، Fig ، Bodied Subject

Objectives: This paper describes further improvement and preliminarily evaluation of a novel viscoelastic ankle-foot prosthesis prototype. The objective was to control the ankle hysteresis at slow and normal walking speeds. Methods: Inspired by the ankle biomechanics, in which the hysteresis differs based on the gait speeds, a manually damping control mechanism imbedded in the prosthesis for adjusting the ankle damping at slow and normal walking speeds. The prototype was then preliminarily tested on an able-bodied subject wearing an adaptor which simulates the amputee walking. The ankle joint kinetics and kinematics were measured in a gait analysis lab at different walking speeds. Results: The results suggest that the viscoelastic ankle foot prosthesis prototype could provide a smooth normal-like walking for most of the measured gait characteristics in slow and normal speeds. Discussion: Therefore, it is suggested to apply a controllable damping mechanism based on the gait speeds in the design of new prosthetic feet.

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